I just opened up my newest book “City Of Robots” today looking for beta readers. Here is the deal. I will give you a free copy of my book in exchange you have to promise to read it and give me honest feedback. I just got it back from the proof reader but that doesn’t mean that we didn’t miss any spelling mistakes. Most importantly I want to know what doesn’t make sense. There is a lot of science fiction that can be tough to technically describe in a clear way. I also want to know if you find any plot holes. The story is fairly complex taking place 200 years in the future.

Book 1 – City Of Robots

Book 2 – World Of Robots

Book 3 – The Last Robot

I have completed the first drafts with a few rewrites and I’m waiting to get the last two back from the editor so I can get them to you for beta reading.

Currently I am working on the prequels that take place on the moon.  The original novella I’m developing into a full length novel.

Book 4 – Lunar Resort

Book 5 – Lunar Station

Book 6 – Lunar City


city of robots

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