The Moon Needs Robots

Would you get married on the moon if you could?

In 2220 Earth has built the world’s most luscious resort on the moon. The rich and famous frequent the Lunar Resort for weddings and funerals. Kristen is about to have the wedding of her dreams with her Prince Charming. Her wedding is shaping up to be very typical with jealous bridesmaids and a very trying Monster In-law. Prince Charming works for SpaceX, the builder and operator of the Lunar Resort, and he’s managed to score a wedding for his bride. The only thing he couldn’t do was extend their stay to include the honeymoon.

Then a catastrophic accident strands everyone on the moon.

Luckily the accident happens after the bride and groom have returned to Earth. What they don’t know is that it was aliens that caused the accident. Earth is about to make First Contact, and it’s not going to go smoothly. The people stranded on the moon become humanity’s only hope for survival.

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